Vice Academy 2
Starring: This sequel starts off as the girl's first day on the job. Shawny and Dwayne are nowhere to be found, but Didi and Holly are now on the police force. In the opening scene, the two manage to screw up and let a criminal go. Because of this, they are given orders from Ms. Devonshire to work as a team. They reluctantly agree. Ms. Devonshire is to announce their arrival on the force at a meeting, but first takes a drink of water from a water cooler. Little does she know that the water has been tainted with Spanish Fly by a criminal of the same name. At the meeting, she hardly gets into her speech when the drug kicks in and she begins to strip her clothes off. Then, Spanish Fly, who has been watching from a-far, threatens to spike the nation's water supply with the drug (wich is deadly in large doses) if her demands are not met. Holly and Didi are assigned to the switchboard with Jeannie, a slut who uses the police radio to date truckers.When Jeannie has to go to the free clinic, Holly and Didi hear a police call from Petrilino, a sexist, womanising cop, and think it's a trucker. They do nothing to help, and Petrilino gets beaten up good. He files a complaint against the girls in hopes that they'll get kicked off the force. Spanish Fly's headquarters are rumored to be at the Vicerama, a strip bar, so Didi and Holly try to get jobs there by acting all slutty. Unfortunately, the position is for a book-keeper, so the girl's sluttyness makes them seem unqualified, and they fail to get the jobs. Anticipating their failure, the police commishoner has created a secret weapon, BimboCop. After taking the place of Jeannie, the switchboard operater, Jeannie turns BimboCop's controls from "work" to "worthless."This comes in later. Now, Didi and Holly decide to try to infiltrate the Vicerama again. They get in and have to perform a strip tease in front of the whole crowd.They knew, however, that they were police because their guns set off a metal detector. Ms. Devonshire, who did get the job as the book-keeper, see them and put a stop to it. Now everyone's cover is blown, and the three are tied up. In comes Petrilino, who is also captured because of his gun. This time, some evil strippers chain him up in the "playroom" for Spanish Fly. She comes into where the girls are tied up ands introduces her deadly drug. To demonstrate, she gives Didi a dose, but because of her high sex drive, Didi just jumps and bounces around, squeeling with delight. BimboCop to the rescue...Only problem is that her dial is on "worthless", so she is easily captured. Spanish Fly then goes into the room with Petrilino, and tries to "get him up", but he won't rise to the occasion.Didi notices the problem with BimboCop, and fixes it. BimboCop then procedes to capture the criminals. Petrilino is still tied up, and the girls untie him after he agrees to drop the complait he made about them.. A ceremony is prepared to honor the newest addition to the vice squad. When Holly finds out that BimboCop will get an award instead of her, she secretly changes her controls to "overload". When BimboCop accepts the Award, She explodes. Holly is found oput, and goes to jail for an extra, undercover assignment as a punishment. The end.

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