Vice Academy 3
Starring: This movie starts off where the last left off, with Holly in jail. She's there undercover to keep an eye on an inmate named Melonie. Didi is no longer here, but her younger sister, Candy (the love of my life) has joined the force. She's just as slutty as her sister, but way hotter. Melanie escapes from jail and robs a liquor store while Ms. Devonshire is there. Candy, on a date nearby, comes to the rescue, but fails to stop Melanie. Melanie runs away through some malathion spraying (used as insecticide), and her hair turns green. Now she's a toxic mutant, I guess. The next day, the Vice Academy and the inmates from jail have a feild day. They have a sack race, than play cherades. An inmate named Samantha, Melanie's cell-mate, wins a work furlow progrram, wich means that she can work rather than stay in jail. Samantha's a good can tell because she always wears a cardigan sweater. At the feild day, Malathion and her boyfriend drive up and a whole bunch of inmates escape with her. "They just drive up?" you may ask...Yes...they just drive up...and leave...and the police do nothing. Anyway, Samantha identifies her old cell mate. As part of the work program, Samantha gets a job as a clown at a bar (???). Some of Malathion's gang, the Rotten Apples, hold the bar up, but Samantha, in the back room, calls the police, and they get busted. This show of bravery earned Samantha a trial job on the police force. After seeing the survalence video from the liquor store, the Commishioner takes Ms. Devonshire and the girls off active duty. Holly takes all the girls on a night on the town. Ms. Devonshire gets drunk, and all but Samantha get arrested. The Comissioner has a plan to stop Malathion, wich involves an anti-malathion formula developed by a Professor Kaufinger. When Dirk Kaufinger turns out to be a hunk, Holly and Candy have a slut war to see who gets to be his assistant. For example, they both take off their dresses and say "I didn't want to spill anything on my clothes." Candy wins a coin toss when Holly calls tails. Holly goes outside and sees Malathion making Samantha an offer. If she overlooks her crimes, she'll give Samantha a cut. Samantha refuses, but Holly is convinced that she is on the take. She pulls Candy away from her job with Kaufinger to tell her, but Candy doesn't believie it. As they are talking, they hear of a robbery taking place at a recycling center, and go to take care of it after the Commissioner puts them back on duty. They have to take Samantha along. It's the rotten Apple Gang again, and they offer Samantha a cut again. Holly screws up the arrest and blames it on Samantha. Malathion also beleives that Samantha helped her, so she has her side-kicks pay her. The Commissioner also beleives that Samantha let the others get away and says that she hass to go back to jail. Candy still doesn't think that Samantha is on the take, and is sorry to see her go. Sam finds her cut of the robbery money in her locker. Kaufinger comes up with the anti- Malathion formula. The police plan an Earth Day event with a large amount of prize money to bring Malathion out of hiding. At the event, the girls are given bikini's made out of soda cans to wear, not knowing what they're for. They reason that they are supposed to be the opening act for the Earth Day show, and go in front of the crowd and start dancing. Malathion shows up, but no one knows it's her because her hair is up in a handkercheif, and she's wearing sunglasses. Ms. Devonshire and the Comissioner find the girls dancing and stop them. The real reason for the outfits is so that they can hide in garbage cans full of recyclables near the prize money. When Malathion comes for it, they are to capture her. Malathion causes a disturbance at the carermony and is recognized. Meanwhile, her two rotten apples go after the money. The girls, of course, stop them. Malathion is looking for Ms. Devonshire as the crowd runs away. Devonshire is covered in all this army and football gear for no damn reason, and has a gizmo that sprays the anti-malathion formula at Malathion. She caughs and falls over. Her boyfriend attemts to take the money and run, but Samantha, who has escaped from jail, stops him. Samantha, once again in her sweater, gives the Commissioner the cut that Malathion had payed her. Of course, she gets another chance. After finnishing her two minth sentence, she passes the exam and is made a member of the police force.
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