Elizabeth Kaitan is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood today. She's done several films in the past 20 years. She has appeared topless, however, she never strayed into adult films.I was introduced to her in the Vice Academy films, and have tried to see as many of her movies as possible, but it's hard. I wrote to her fan mail adress, but it's not there anymore.It sucks. Click here for a filmography.Soon there will be summaries and my own opinion of her movies that I've seen.

Here is the small bio if liz that the Vice fan club printed in their newsletter:

Liz began her acting career over ten years ago. She has amassed an amazing credit list of almost twenty feature films, playing the lead in almost all of them. Her films include "Assault of the Killer Bimbos", "Twins," "Slavegirls from Beyond Infinity," "under the Boardwalk," "Friday the 13th part 7" and "The Girl I Want."
Liz jumped at the chance to join the Vice cast as Didi's younger sister Candy. She blows her firs assignment and manages to get demoted on the same day. But she manages to catch the villans in the end, leaving her primed and ready for a return in the next segment.
Liz and Linnea (Quigley) are close friends in real life, they both share the same interest in animal rights. Liz frequently organizes protest marches against animal research, and is a total vegetarian refusinf to eat even milk and cheese. She works out five times a week with a trainer, and her goal is to have a bodly like Linda Hamilton in "Terminator 2."
With all these credits behind her, it's hard to say where liz will be moving onto next. We'll all be here rooting for her.

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