Vice Academy
Starring: Well, this movie starts out like it could be serious, but not for long. Three friends, Didi, Shawny, and Dwayne, are all students in the Academy. So is Holly, the spoiled poilice cheif's daughter. Ms. Devonshire, thier up tight teacher, doesn't like any of them.On a night on the town, Didi and Shawny come across a battered and bruised young girl. Her name is Cherry Pop, an under aged porn queen who's been making exersise videos.The porno company didn't like that, so they had her beaten. Determined to capture the pornographers, Didi goes under cover.Ms. Devonshire helps with a phony resume, a lipstick that makes simulated gunfire when you open it, and a breath spray that makes simulated police siren. She lands a role in the movie "Chaffed Raw", and works along side an actor named Chuckie Long.Having to catch the criminals "in the act", Didi has to get ready to film. Shawny and Dwayne are supposed to be listening through Didi's secret-radio-earings, but are listening to loud music instead. So, they don't make the arrest in time, and Didi has to go through with her cover, having sex with Chuckie. They arrest the whole crew, adding to the 10 arrests they need to graduate. Didi takes Chuckie to her place , handcuffs him, and has her way with him. Unfortunatley, because of Didi's on camera escapade, they can't hold the pornographers, because she can't testify. So, in order to get the arrests, they go looking for hookers on the night before graduation. While they're out, Cherry Pop comes to the police station and says that she can testify against them. Meanwhile, the three vice-cops in training capture a whole buncha hookers, but while Didi is double checking a laundromat, the hookers turn on Shawny and Dwayne and take them to their hide out. There, the Queen Bee, head of all inner city drug sales and prostitution, plans to sell the two cops into white slavery. Didi, still outside, calls Chuckie for help. She records him sounding like a threatening police officer, saying that the place is surrounded. They play the tape, but Queen Bee thinks it's a trick. Didi uses the simulated siren and gun fire, wich finally convice Queen Bee and the Bee Girls. They run to escape, but get lost in the "honeycomb of mazes."Shawny and Dwayne get untied by Didi and Chuckie, and Queen bee and the Bee girls stray out the exit and into the back of the police van. Hmmm...It's is the next day by now and they all get to graduation just in time, with the van full of criminals. They reached their quaota of 10 prisoners, plus the porno crew. That's 20 arrests, so Didi, Dwayne, and Shawny all graduate, and are the Validictorians.YAY! What is Holly's role in all this? None, really, but there is a nasty catfight between her and Didi. She has a bigger role in parts 2&3.
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