About RickSloane.com

I am Joshua J. Slone. No relation to Rick; no a in my Slone. I'm not even Rick's biggest fan. However, I was fascinated enough by the idea of a Hobgoblins sequel 20 years later that I bought the movie and read the interviews that happened because of it. I searched further, and though I found Rick's presence a few places online, was surprised to find no official site at a RickSloane.com or maybe RickSloaneProductions.com. So on a whim, I grabbed them.

I had no grand plans, but figured a list of his movies and links to get them on Amazon would at least be better than the generic ad-filled search-engine-esque pages squatted domain names often end up with, and maybe I would spruce it up further at some point. However, I was then surprised to get an email from Rick Sloane himself thanking me for creating the site!

It's not so easy to let a site remain in shabby form once the subject of the site has taken notice, so I've been putting more work into the site and having fun doing so. Though this is still the Unofficial Rick Sloane site, since Rick has become aware of it he has been supportive and sometimes offers corrections or additional information.

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