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Site U pdate, 2009-11-18
Last chance to remind you about tonight's Rick Sloane Night at the New Beverly Cinema! Being several time zones away I will not be attending, but if anyone takes any pictures or has information on interesting questions a place can probably be found for them around here somewhere.

Also, a new section of the site is up: a forum. There are still some things that will probably be tweaked soon, but today seems a good day to let more than one friend in on it.

Rick Update, 2009-11-03
Further information has come in about Rick Sloane Night at the New Beverly Cinema. In addition to previously announced attendees Rick Sloane and Mary Woronov, The Visitants stars Marcus Vaughter and Jordana Grika will also be present.

Site Update, 2009-10-29
GeoCities has closed, and with it goes at least one Rick Sloane fan site dedicated to Vice Academy. I haven't been able to get in contact with the old site maintainer, but I hope he won't mind that I've made a backup of it the first entry into a new Archive section of

Rick Update, 2009-10-21
Details have come in about the previously mentioned Rick Sloane Night at the New Beverly Cinema. Blood Theater and The Visitants will indeed be showing, starting at 7:30 PM. Rick and Blood Theatre's Mary Woronov will be there for a Q&A session. Tickets are $7. A fancier display of this same information can be found here.

Rick Update, 2009-09-03
On Sunday September 13, Rick and several cast members from the original Hobgoblins will be signing autographs at the Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention. Joining Rick will be Tom Bartlett (Kevin), Steven Boggs (Kyle), and Kelley Palmer (Daphne).

Rick Update, 2009-08-30
Rick is working on new documentaries on his very first features to be included as dvd bonuses. The first, "Hobgoblins: The Making of a DisasterPiece," has been released and is included in the new 20th anniversary edition of "Hobgoblins" from Shout! Factory.

Next up, Rick is shooting "Blood Theatre Re-Opened" and "The Visitants Revisited." New interviews with the original cast and every trick used to shoot both of those features on micro-budgets will be revealed. Also thirty minutes of deleted scenes from "Blood Theatre" will be included, plus an alternate ending.

Later this year, The New Beverly Theater in Los Angeles is planning a Rick Sloane night where they will screen both of his first two features on 35mm for the first time in two decades. No date has been set at this time.

There is also a 50/50 chance of Hobgoblins 3 being made in early 2010 with the original cast returning this time. No definite start date, but a good chunk of the original cast has already agreed to reprise their infamous roles.

Spoiler warning: Kevin and his friends reunite at McCreedy's funeral after not seeing each other for over a decade. It is a sad day for everyone, then Kevin makes the mistake of wishing McCreedy hadn't died. He returns from the grave to instruct Kevin how to kill the remaining Hobgoblins so he can rest in peace.

Remember, Bad Things Come In 3's!